TensorFlow Scala

type-safe linear algebra, tensors, and neural networks

This library is a Scala API for https://www.tensorflow.org. It attempts to provide most of the functionality provided by the official Python API, while at the same type being strongly-typed and adding some new features. It is a work in progress and a project I started working on for my personal research purposes. Much of the API should be relatively stable by now, but things are still likely to change. That is why there is no official release of this library yet.

Please refer to the main website for documentation and tutorials. Here are a few useful links:

Main Features


Funding for the development of this library has been generously provided by the following sponsors:

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CMU Presidential Fellowship
awarded to
Emmanouil Antonios Platanios
National Science Foundation
Grant #: IIS1250956
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Grant #: FA95501710218