Graph Collections

Creating a new graph collection key

  1. Create a key that extends the Graph.Key[T] trait, where T is the type of values the corresponding collection holds.

    Note that, given the complexity that may be involved in serializing certain value types, a few helper sub-traits of Graph.Key[T] are provided, that you can extend and avoid having to write the serialization code. Those are:

    • StringCollectionKey extends Key[String]
    • IntCollectionKey extends Key[Int]
    • OpCollectionKey extends Key[Op]
    • OutputCollectionKey extends Key[Output]
    • VariableCollectionKey extends Key[Variable]
    • SaverCollectionKey extends Key[Saver]
    • ResourceCollectionKey extends Key[Resource]

    If extending one of these traits, your key implementation can look as simple as this:

    object GLOBAL_VARIABLES extends VariableCollectionKey {
      override def name: String = "variables"

    Note that the helper sub-traits are also compatible with loading/saving from/to code that uses the TensorFlow Python API.

  2. Register the new key in a static code block that will be called when your library is coded. For example, if you are contributing within the TensorFlow for Scala API package, add a call such as:


    in the api package object (i.e., org/platanios/tensorflow/api/package.scala).