Release 0.4.1

Fixed the precompiled TensorFlow binaries, and also added the following new features:

  • io module:
    • Added support for a new TFRecordWriter.
  • ops module:
    • Added a new ops namespace, sparse, that includes all sparse ops.
    • Added support for sparse.reorder and sparse.merge.
    • Added support for parsing TF records.
    • data module:
    • Added support for Dataset.shuffleAndRepeat.
    • optimizers module:
    • Added support for the Adafactor optimizer.
    • Renamed SqrtDecay to RSqrtDecay which is more appropriate.
    • math module:
    • Added support for batchGather.
    • Added support for bitwise ops.
    • rnn module:
    • Simplified the attention mechanisms functionality so that it is now not required to tile memory tensors for beam search outside the beam search decoder.
    • Moved the seq2seq module to a separate repository (that of Symphony Machine Translation).